System Control

Control system setup of your vehicle

Video Control

Toggle video recording. Videos will be saved in the filesystem.

WiFi Setup

Configure your WiFi SSID, password, authentication type and channel.

If using WEP you need to use a 5 character password. For WPA2 your password needs to be at least 8 characters long. Using WPA2 is recommended.

Note that for correct operation of the mobile device app you must use a SSID that starts with SKYVIPERGPS_

WiFi Configuration WiFi SSID:

WiFi Password:
Show password
Auth Type: WiFi Channel:


Reboot your video board or flight controller board

Bind Transmitter

To bind your transmitter, first press the button below, then power on your transmitter with the left button pressed.

The flight controller will wait for a bind packet from the transmitter.

The transmitter will send bind packets for 5 seconds if powered on with left button pressed.

Factory Reset

This allows you to reset your video board and flight board to factory defaults. The WiFi password after reset will be 'vipergps'. To secure your SkyViper you should change your WiFi password immediately after rebooting.

NOTE! You must first power-cycle and then re-calibrate after a reset or you will not be able to arm.


Format the microSD card in your video board as FAT32. The microSD card must be at least 4G in size, and not more than 32G.